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CAMTREE Handle Bracket (C-HB)

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CAMTREE Handle Bracket

->  Mini subsidiary for low angle set ups
->  Bracket supports up to 77.16 lbs or 35kgs
->  Fits to most HD video cameras
->  Provision of mounting multiple accessories like LCD monitors, audio
      transmitters etc
->  Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

CAMTREE Handle Bracket
Mini subsidiary for low angle set ups

Camtree presents a new Handle Bracket perfect for mostly every HD video cameras. This HDV Handle Bracket support camera mount adapter is flat from the top which directly gets mounted to any mini steadycam for quick low angle shots that are difficult to get. This Handle Bracket features multiple mounting options like audio transmitters, LCD Monitors or other accessories to your camera.

CAMTREE Handle Bracket
Ultra tight & tough bracket, made of high strength Polyamide 66

->  Camtree Handle Bracket


->  Supports up to 77.16 lbs (35 kgs)
->  Made of tough high strength Polyamide 66
->  Ultra light and tough bracket that weighs around 1.6 oz or 45 grams.
->  Features multiple mounting options both for two 1/4-20 and two 3/8-16 threads.


CAMTREE Handle Bracket
Provision of mounting multiple accessories like LCD monitors, audio transmitters etc

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Exclusive of Camera, LED Light, LCD, Sound Recorder and View Finder

CAMTREE Handle Bracket


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